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Mastering Arrays For Coding Interviews in Java

Arrays are fundamental data structures in computer science and serve as building blocks for complex ones.

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Mastering Arrays For Coding Interviews in Java

Table of Contents

Getting Started

  1. Introduction To Array DS
  2. Capacity vs. Length
  3. Strengths, Weaknesses, and Big-O Complexities

Shifting Algorithms

  1. Insertion and Shifting Algorithms (Insert items into an array)
  2. Deletion and Shifting Algorithms (Delete/Remove items into an array)

Array Construction

  1. Construct an Array-Like Data Structure

Dynamic Arrays

  1. What Are Dynamic Arrays?
  2. How Do To Convert Array To Dynamic/Resizable Array?

Two Dimensional (2D)

  1. What are Two Dimensional (2D) Arrays?
  2. How To Access Elements?

🚀 Coding Interview Questions

  1. Two Sum (preview)
  2. Find Max Value
  3. Search An Element(Linear & Binary Search)
  4. Monotonic Array
  5. Find Even Number of Digits
  6. Find Duplicate Element
  7. Find Odd Occurring Element
  8. Reverse Array (In-Place Algorithms)
  9. Reverse Letters in String
  10. Subsets/Powerset
  11. Challenge 1: Missing Number
  12. Solution Review: Missing Number
  13. Challenge 2: Single Number
  14. Solution Review: Single Number

| More Coding Questions: Coming Soon

Data Structures

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