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Blind 75 LeetCode Problems: Detailed Solutions

Gopi Gorantala
Gopi Gorantala

Table of Contents

More problems are on the way.

Blind 75 is a curated collection of 75 coding problems commonly used by fast-paced startups and the top 1% of companies.

List gained popularity among software engineers for tech interviews, especially at Google, Amazon, and Facebook (Meta).


  1. Two Sum
  2. Best Time To Buy and Sell Stock
  3. Contains Duplicate
  4. Product of Array Except Itself
  5. Maximum subarray
  6. Maximum Product SubArray
  7. Find Minimum in Rotated Sorted Array
  8. Search in Rotated Sorted Array
  9. 3 Sum
  10. Container with Most Water

Bit Manipulation

  1. Sum Of Two Integers
  2. Number of 1 bits
  3. Counting Bits
  4. Missing Number
  5. Reverse Bits

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Gopi is an engineering leader with 12+ of experience in full-stack development—a specialist in Java technology stack. He worked for multiple startups, the European govt, and FAANG in India and Europe.


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