Gopi Gorantala

Gopi Gorantala

Gopi is a Full Stack Developer since 2016. He worked in Europe, and India from startups to tech giants. It will be hard to find a technology he has not at least tried, heard, or touched in his career.

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In this lesson, we find the number of positions where

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In this two-sum problem, we use various approaches to solve the problem from brute force to an optimized approach. We also discuss the take-offs and talk about complexity analysis.

What is functional programming, and programming paradigms in Java

A paradigm is a way/method to do some task. A programming paradigm is a style/way of programming and does not refer to a specific language.

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An array is called monotonic if the index of each element increases from the first to the last or decreases from the first to the last.

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In the kth bit set/unset problem, we need to write a program that checks whether the kth bit of a number is either 1 or 0.

Subsets Or Powerset, A Faang Interview Question

In subsets or powerset problem, we need to write a program that finds all possible subsets (the power set) of a given input. The solution set must not contain duplicate elements.

How to find a missing number in java

In this article, we'll learn various ways to find the missing number in an array. We use a memoization approach, a mathematical approach, and the most optimized way using the XOR operator.