Grab Your Free IntelliJ Idea/JetBrains License 🤩

Grab Your Free IntelliJ Idea/JetBrains License 🤩

Jetbrains offers free licenses for most of the categories. Get all of the below tools for free from JetBrains

Here is a set of lists qualifying for a free ultimate JetBrains pack with unlimited access to features.

🤑 Free for who?

  1. Students, teachers and Educators.
  2. Open Source Contributors.
  3. Scheduled Large Events.
  4. Google Developer Experts.
  5. Java Champions
  6. Docker Captains
  7. Microsoft MVPs.
  8. Gradle Fellows
  9. Embarcadero Most Valuable Professionals and ASPInsiders.

Let us take the umbrella of the tools they offer.

🛠 Developer Tools

  1. AppCode - Smart IDE for iOS/macOS development
  2. CLion - A cross-platform IDE for C and C++
  3. DataGrip - Many databases, one tool
  4. DataSpell - The IDE for Professional Data Scientists
  5. Fleet: Next-generation IDE by JetBrains
  6. GoLand  - A Go IDE with extended support for JavaScript, TypeScript, and databases
  7. IntelliJ Idea - Capable and Ergonomic IDE (Java)
  8. PhpStorm - The Lightning-Smart PHP IDE
  9. PyCharm - The Python IDE for Professional Developers
  10. Rider - Fast & powerful cross-platform .NET IDE
  11. RubyMine - Intelligent Ruby on Rails IDE
  12. WebStorm - The smartest JavaScript IDE

Team Tools

  1. Datalore - Collaborative PythonSQLno-code analytics joins forces with interactive BI apps data integration scalable infrastructure.
  2. Space - Space is a complete software development platform
  3. TeamCity - Powerful continuous integration for DevOps-centric teams
  4. YouTrack - Powerful project management for all your teams
  5. UpSource - Code review, project analytics
  6. Qodana - The code quality platform for your favourite CI

Why JetBrains is popular among developers?

For instance, look at the number of users learning the following tracks.

  1. Java -
  2. Python -
  3. Kotlin -
  4. JS -

I use IntelliJ Idea, WebStorm, and Datagrip in my everyday use at work and personal. Apart from its basic tooling tasks, it offers even more advanced features. No IDE comes closer to JetBrains IDE’s.

IntelliJ Idea is the number one choice, per the survey conducted by open Java communities and the Java official channel.

For instance, I was asked to only use IntelliJ Idea when I worked for Apple, Jive SBS, a Medical startup and European Commission companies.

Please take full advantage of Jetbrain tools for what it offers in the community and the ultimate edition.