The year 2022 marks Java's 25th anniversary. This page talks deeply about Core Java, patterns, best practices and productivity tips to help you become a pro developer at work, peers.

Java Primitive Data Types

We have eight primitive data types in Java that store most raw numerical data in programs. Let us see their bytes size, default value, min and max and ranges of each of them with example snippets.

Getting Started With Java

Java is both a programming language and a platform. Java's WRITE ONCE and RUN ANYWHERE is just too strong. Java is sleeker, faster, and much more powerful today.

How To Create Spring Boot Project using Spring Starter Kit

Let us learn to create a Spring Boot project from scratch using two approaches, and let us add a greeting message that shows up on the webpage

Array Insertions And Shifting Algorithms

This article details array capacity vs length and shifting algorithms to insert an element at the array's start, middle, and end with complexity analysis.

A deep dive into Java Streams API with examples

Let us deep-dive into Streams API, and know how they

What is functional programming, and programming paradigms in Java

A paradigm is a way/method to do some task. A programming paradigm is a style/way of programming and does not refer to a specific language.

Method References, Types Available in Java With Examples

HTML Table Lambda Expression Method Reference s -> s.toLowerCase(

Introduction To Array Data Structure

This article will dive deep into arrays introduction, array initialization, strengths, and weakness with complexity analysis. You will also see sketches and snippets explaining in detail.